IDS at EUROCONTROL “High-level workshop on drone detection”

IDS at EUROCONTROL “High-level workshop on drone detection”

IDS will showcase its NO-DRONE at the EUROCONTROL High-level workshop on drone detection, to be held in EUROCONTROL Headquarters, Rue de la Fusée n°96, 1130 Brussels – Belgium, from 3 to 4 October 2019, highlighting their experience gained through multiple successful projects and operational activities.

IDS NO-DRONE is an integrated multi-spectral system aimed at detecting, tracking, and neutralizing small flying objects crossing the aerodrome’s airspace. These may include birds or cooperative and non-cooperative UAVs.

Its core configuration integrates a mechanical scanning 360° radar detection, tracking and classification capability, together with EO/IR target tracking and recognition with multi-band inhibitors (RF disruptors), as well as interfaces with legacy airport systems using ASTERIX common surveillance protocol.

The “High-level workshop on drone detection” will focus on securing airports by protecting them from unauthorized unmanned aircraft flights; determining whether current restrictions at airports are sufficient and, if not, what extra measures might be required and what type of technology can be used to identify potential threats at or around airports. The aim is to achieve a common understanding of incursion threats and current detection solutions, discuss contingency measures/procedures and hold technical and operational discussion sessions on detection and mitigation.

Come meet the IDS team at Booth 9 and stay tuned on current news at IDS LinkedIn.