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IDS, Earth Day 2024: Unite for the Cause, every action matters

Our beautiful Earth, a vibrant cradle of life, is confronted with extraordinary trials: climate change, the decline of diverse species, and rampant pollution.

At IDS and throughout the Fincantieri NexTech Family, we embrace our duty to safeguard our unique world. With innovative solutions and steadfast dedication, we are actively working to secure a flourishing tomorrow.

This Earth Day spotlights the critical issue with the theme “Planet Vs Plastic,” mobilizing individuals, corporations, and governments globally to tackle the climate emergency decisively. The scourge of plastic pollution endangers our seas, wildlife, and human well-being. Yet we remain hopeful. Our pledge is to cut plastic production by 60% by 2040.

By leveraging advanced technology and creativity, we are infusing our globe with progress.

Join us, every effort is significant, and collectively, we can forge a future that is sustainable, prosperous, fair, and technologically advanced for the many generations that will follow.