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IDS to Present Advanced Air Traffic Management Support Systems at the World ATM Congress

IDS will display its full range of aeronautical data management solutions for the support of air traffic management, communications, navigation and surveillance (ATM-CNS) at the World ATM Congress 2018, the foremost event in the air traffic management sector, which will be held in Madrid from March 6 to 8.

In addition, IDS will also introduce its DREAMS solution for Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) and, as one of the companies with important programs in place; IDS will present its progress in the development of solutions adapted to the needs of SESAR project.

IDS Present at ATM 2018

AIM Solutions

IDS, through its international presence, has installed its AIM systems in over 150 facilities and 90 countries worldwide and visitors will be able to view demonstrations of these solutions at our stand (494). These include the only complete solutions (upstream and downstream) available on the market for static (AIS) and dynamic (NOTAM / DNOTAM) AIM, the IDS AeroDB Suite (IAS) and the CRONOS suite, as well as PLX which provides a solution for aeronautical data workflow and quality management (ADQ). Together these enable the exchange of AIM, OLDI and SWIM aeronautical data.

Air Traffic Flow Management

In addition to AIM systems, IDS also has a solution for Air Traffic Flow Management and Airspace Management (ATFM-ASM), which is now in active use in Trinidad and Tobago. Developed in conjunction with our partners NAVCANADA, the IDS ATFM-ASM solution provides Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs), aircraft operators and airport operators with an integrated set of tools for enhancing safety and improving efficiency and predictability from gate to gate, ensuring fair and equitable use of all airspace and enabling future curb-to-curb efficiency improvements.

Flight Procedure Design

IDS will also have its well-known FPDAM solution on display, which provides support for flight procedure design, is compliant with the latest ICAO amendments and meets the innovative criteria of PBN. The solution offers an integrated and flexible access to the information and functionalities necessary to optimize approaches and therefore traffic, being equipped with a 3D interface that allows the designer to check criteria appliance and all the results at any time.


In the area of surveillance, IDS will provide information and have on display the GNOME monitoring station, suitable for the detection of interference on air navigation GNSS signals and the monitoring and recording of events for legal purposes as per ICAO recommendations. IDS will also provide information on its counter-UAV radar Black Knight, a useful security tool for airport perimeters and other sensitive locations.

Another system on display, in the field of control tower devices, will be the IDS Approach-Path Monitor (APM) system, which supports smaller airports and heliports and provides a low-cost solution that increases their availability in any climatic condition.

At previous editions of the World ATM Congress, IDS has demonstrated the concept of interoperability (IOP), proposing ways to manage flight information that respond to the latest regulations and recommendations. At this year’s event, IDS will focus on another key area related to flight information management, the integration of aeronautical data from surveillance and from other ATM systems through SWIM.