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NATO C-UAS WG 2022: Our latest solutions


NATO C-UAS WG 2022: We presented our latest innovative solutions

Over recent years, unmanned technology has become increasingly common in both civilian and military contexts. It has been used extensively for a range of applications, including disaster response, monitoring, inspections, recreation, surveillance, and topographical surveying and mapping, and has been used in a host of different military contexts, from surveillance and reconnaissance to kinetic operations. Drones have been employed in recent conflicts by state and non-state actors alike, and over the past few years, drone sightings close to airports have caused major disruption and resulted in multiple international airports having to temporarily shut down their operations.

To provide protection against simultaneous and heterogeneous Low, Slow and Small – LSS threats, undetectable by conventional air surveillance technology, IDS Ingegneria Dei Sistemi S.p.A. has developed an innovative, flexible, scalable and configurable Counter-UAVs system. Among the various sensors and effectors integrated into the system, we will be highlighting the new Omega360 4D_VS (Volume Surveillance), a 4D multimode software-defined surveillance radar, operating in X-Band that can deal with the most demanding threats in all symmetric and asymmetric warfare and security scenarios developed by Fincantieri NexTech

We presented our latest solution for Defense & Homeland Security, from 19th to 20th October 2022, at the NATO Countering Unmanned Aircraft System Working Group (NATO C-UAS WG) hosted by C-M/M UAS Centre of Excellence COMACA, the Anti-aircrafts Artillery Command of the Italian Army in Sabaudia, Italy.

The C-UAS NATO Working Group has been formally established through the approval of the Countering Class I drones practical framework, endorsed by NATO’s Defence Ministers.