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Italian Navy, Electromagnetic Design: IDS Ship EDF is accredited

Italian Navy - Electromagnetic EME Design IDS Ship EDF is accredited_rev.2

The Italian Navy (Marina Militare Italiana) has awarded IDS Ingegneria Dei Sistemi S.p.A. an “Accreditation Report” for the capability of Ship EDF to support the Electromagnetic Design of Naval Ships, after a vigorous validation process.

The Italian Navy‘s conclusions are: “ShipEDF-EME can be used from early stages of the electromagnetic ship design or mid-life refitting, both in industry and in MoD, in order to properly reproduce the electromagnetic behavior of antenna to avoid radiation hazard, interferences and maximize the overall performances of the vessel; in particular, it can be used for analysis of electromagnetic performance of military vessels, in terms of antenna impedance, inter antenna coupling, radiation pattern, near field produced by transmitting antennas”.

Ship EDF-EME is an integrated sw framework designed to enable users to face electromagnetic risks that can rise during the design of new naval vessels or modernization of existing ones, from the conceptual design phase to the final acceptance tests (Communication antenna performance assessment and RADHAZ evaluation).

Ship EDF-EME provides a unique environment designed to identify the best trade-off among different needs, in terms of antenna, equipment arrangement and cables layout; to obtain the result the sw support the evaluations of the EMC project manager, dealing with the involved physical parameters.

To perform EMC/EMI analysis the package is able to:

  • Generate a numerical model (mesh) of the ship structure,
  • Model the material,
  • Manage all the simulation tasks,
  • Perform post processing and present results,
  • Investigate propagation phenomena through dedicated diagnostic tools, in particular:
    • Impedance of broad band antenna (FAN, twin, etc.) and resonant antenna (whip, wire, dipole, etc.);
    • Coupling among MF/HF antennas;
    • Radiation patterns of MF/HF antennas;
    • Near field generated in open spaces