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Italy Unveils National Underwater Hub to Drive Marine Research and Innovation

We are thrilled to announce, together with Fincantieri NexTech and the Fincantieri Group, our involvement in the groundbreaking establishment of the National Underwater Hub (Polo Nazionale della dimensione Subacquea), the Italian center which will enhance research and innovation in the underwater environment, to ensure its safety and promote industrial and economic opportunities.

IDS’s unmanned system SAND – Surface Advanced Naval Drone is poised to revolutionize underwater operations.

SAND represents the latest in Fincantieri NexTech cutting-edge solutions for Unmanned and Autonomous Systems; the SAND platform is designed to be ready to accomplish several mission types including Naval Mine Warfare and Anti-Submarine Warfare. Complex tasks are managed with the SAND Mission Management System, which integrates UUVs – Unmanned Underwater Vehicles.

We are ready to play our role, together with the Fincantieri Group, in the “Polo Nazionale della dimensione Subacquea”, aiming to supervise and design a new space that connects the requirements of the Italian Navy with the demands of the security and safety of the seabed for civil and defence fields.