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NATO TIE 2022: IDS and Fincantieri NexTech to present last counter-drone technologies

IDS Ingegneria Dei Sistemi S.p.A. together with Fincantieri NexTech will be at the NATO’s Counter Unmanned Aircraft Systems (C-UAS) Technical Interoperability Exercise 2022 – TIE22, from 13th to 23rd September 2022, at the Lieutenant General Best Barracks in Vredepeel, the Netherland.

At NATO TIE 2022, a live testing event used to ensure that systems from different NATO Nations can work together to counter the threats posed by drones, IDS will present its Counter-UAVs, a customizable, deeply-integrated multi-layer system aimed at detecting, tracking, recognizing, classifying and neutralizing heterogeneous Class-I Low, Slow and Small – LSS flying drones, undetectable by conventional air surveillance technology.

Fincantieri NexTech will also introduce its new Omega3604D_VS (Volume Surveillance) a 4D multimode software-defined surveillance radar, operating in X-Band, capable of facing the most demanding threats in all symmetric and asymmetric warfare and security scenarios.

Through the exercise 2022, the NATO Agency aims to increase technical interoperability standards between systems used to counter drones, while enhancing NATO’s ability to address the potential threats caused by the malicious use of drones.