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Our Products and Services

IDS Space Lab provides both services and products in several areas of industrial applications

Consultancy and support services span:

  • Non-conventional antenna design
  • Planar and conformal array design
  • Reflect array design
  • Antenna siting (pattern distortion and antenna coupling)
  • EMC/EMI analyses (radiated/ conducted),
  • Passive InterModulation Product (PIM) mitigation
  • LEO, MEO and GEO deep/surface charging and ESD analyses
  • GPS multipath mitigation
  • SAR systems modelling
  • Processing for automatic recognition from SAR images
  • Propagation models for land mobile satellite radio channel in urban areas

IDS Space Lab services also cover the control of the radar signatures of complex objects and environments, the design of radar systems, system design and overall performance prediction simulation in civil and defense environments, the design and assessment of advanced signal and image processing techniques and the design of a target radar signature data base for non-cooperative target recognition applications.

IDS Space Lab supports customers with the provision of a software framework for electromagnetic antenna design and analyses (from stand-alone to S/C installed) with combined modeling methods and full engineering cycle support: the Antenna Design Framework (ADF).

ADF has been designed in cooperation with the European Space Agency with the aim of advancing existing simulators available in the global marketplace for space applications and beyond. The focus was on developing a fully-fledged Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tool for antenna engineers as a new technology solution that has a competitive edge over other commercial electromagnetic simulators.

ADF is a simulation environment that brings together validated and sophisticated electromagnetic solvers, a large number of fast tools and functions for antenna engineers along with a rich set of user-friendly modeling procedures.

Through ADF it is possible to produce highly accurate predictions of the electromagnetic performance of single antennas, arrays and complex antenna platforms by drawing on IDS's excellence in advanced computational methods and special functions required by space applications that are not usually available in general purpose tools.