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Domain Decomposition and Wave Coupling by Using Complex Source Expansions

G.Carli, E.Martini, M.Bandinelli, S.Maci

Abstract: A general domain decomposition scheme based on the use of complex sources is presented for the analysis of electromagnetic interactions in complex environments. First, the original problem is divided into separated subdomains that are independently analyzed; then, the interactions among different subdomains are described through a generalized network formalism where the ports are associated with complex source point (CSP) beams. Due to the angular selectivity of the CSP beams, the subdomain interactions only involve a limited number of beams, thus, yielding a significant reduction in the computational cost for the solution of the overall problem. Numerical examples are provided to demonstrate the efficiency and the accuracy of the proposed strategy.

Published on European Conference on Antennas & Propagation (EuCAP2009)