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Synergic Application of Advanced Modelling Methods to Space Antenna Design

A.Freni, S.Maci, G.Vecchi, m.Bandinelli, F.Mioc, S.B.Sorensen, M.Sabbadini

Abstract: The design and development of space antennas, both for satellite and user terminals, involves a large spectrum of electromagnetic modelling problems, ranging from guided- wave propagation in complex structures to full-wave modelling of large arrays, including the back-radiation, to accurate modelling of reflector antennas, including manufacturing details, to antenna interactions. At the same time synthesis, analysis and optimisation problems need to be addressed; possibly making sure that a single set of configuration and performance data can be used through the entire design cycle. The application of multi-resolution and multi-level methods is proving to be a key in developing efficient algorithms and effective modelling tools. The European Antenna Modelling Library project of ESA is supporting activities along this line, covering the three key processes in space antenna design: synthesis, analysis and optimisation. The paper presents an overview of the overall work concentrating on theoretical details and results achieved in key areas.

Published on European Conference on Antennas & Propagation (EuCAP2007)