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Tools for the Direct Synthesis of Aperture Distributions and Arrays

M.Bercigli, M.Bandinelli, J.L.Araque, G.Vecchi, F.M.Sabbadini

Abstract: Aperture distribution and array synthesis methods have received a vast attention in the literature. Despite this, little is available for the direct synthesis with constrains, e.g. on the maximum allowable amplitude variation across the aperture as integrated into a tool that also allows an effective virtual prototyping. A dedicated research effort within the EAML activity has lead to the availability of a synthesis tool dedicated to this specific problem. In combination with the available full-wave optimisation capabilities and sensitivity analysis features it offers a very effective mean for array design. Both power and field synthesis can be performed, on 1D and 2D performance masks, with a variety of constraints on the aperture. The synthesis tool is seamlessly integrated into virtual prototyping based on full-wave solutions, and into an array-setup interface for the user.

Published on 30th ESA ANTENNA WORKSHOP, Noordwijk, The Netherland, 27-30 May, 2008

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