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An Iterative Integral Equation Method to Model Large Complex Arrays

M.Bandinelli, R.Guidi

Abstract: Accurate modelling of arrays is required in order to perform design activities and excitation law synthesis. Specially care must be devoted to the mutual coupling among cells which, if not properly controlled, can lead to wrong designs and also can give undesirable effects such as the well known “scan blindness” one. Previous works have mainly pointed out on computational effective techniques limited to regular rectangular arrays or on applications of full-wave methods (e.g. Method of Moment or FDTD), only able to model rather small grids. This paper presents a Moment Method based Iterative Technique suitable to model large and complex planar arrays. No restrictive hypotheses are required, so the proposed procedure finds its proper application in the modelling of arrays compounded of geometrically and electrically complex cells, ii) without any regularity property of the grid.

Published on 2004 URSI EMTS - International Symposium on Electromagnetic Theory Proceedings, PISA, ITALY, May 23-27, 2004

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