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Experimental Validation of an OCT Based Modelling Tool Integrated Into an Electromagnetic Simulator Framework

M.Bandinelli, G.Galgani, G.Guida, V.Martorelli, A.Sarri

Abstract: This paper discusses the integration of the Oversized Cavity Theory (OCT) for radiated emission and susceptibility analysis (RE/RS) into a commercial simulation framework named Antenna Design Framework - Electromagnetic Satellite (ADF-EMS), which includes standard modelling methods such ad MOM, PO and GTD for the analysis of electromagnetic problems and antenna farms. The paper also presents the outcome of a measurement campaign aimed at assessing the efficacy of the method and its limitation when used to perform RE/RS analysis of a satellite communication module.

Published on ESA WORKSHOP on AEROSPACE, Venezia, Italy, May 21 – 23, 2012