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As well as the management of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, IDS also designs and manufactures a range of aerial and ground based Unmanned Systems, for use in civil and military fields such as humanitarian operations, environmental monitoring, disaster control, surveillance and force protection such as IA-3 Colibrì. In addition, we develop advanced ground control systems with embedded simulation environments and also provide training for pilots, payload operators and maintenance technicians.

IDS also offers Avionics support solutions aimed at enhancing aircraft crew safety and mission performance. This includes consultancy services for the design of flight control and avionics systems, optimization of onboard software performance and the provision of a RTCA/DO-178B level B certifiable digital moving map software. We have also developed a system that integrates tactical moving map software with cutting-edge EO/IR turrets.

Services and solutions in Electromagnetic Engineering have been a core part of IDS’s offer since the beginning. Over the years we have built up a wealth of experience in both electromagnetic modeling and simulation, as well as electromagnetic measurement. We currently provide engineering tools, support, measurement systems and advice on optimizing the electromagnetic performance of complex naval, aeronautical and space platforms. This includes activities in the fields of electromagnetic compatibility, antenna systems performance evaluation and the reduction and control of radar and infrared signatures for stealth design.

Safety and Protection is a key element of IDS’s overall philosophy, whether it be ensuring the safety of global skies for passenger transport, or the safe operation of radiating systems on naval vessels. This theme has been extended to the development of radar-based safety and protection systems to counter threats such as gunshots, mortars, IEDs and the unauthorized or hostile use of UAVs as well as issues such as obstacles on railway tracks. These are supplemented by a modular, panel-based construction system that can be tailored to provide protection against explosive blasts, ballistic weapons or even the spread of microbes.

IDS provides a complete set of satellite communication solutions for both Military and Commercial domains, including Aeronautical, Naval and Ground applications. IDS SatCom antennas are approved/certified by major satellite operators and qualified to meet the highest standards (DO-160 or MIL-STD). Light and resilient, with flawless tracking performance, our antennas guarantee stable and reliable communications in all Satcom on the Move – SOTM conditions.


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