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IA-12 Stark UAV

The IA-12 Stark is a mini-class rotary-wing RPAS (remotely piloted aircraft system) with a maximum take-off weight of up to 12 kg. The same carbon-fiber airframe structure can easily be configured to accommodate different configurations in accordance with specific mission requirements. It is propelled by a gasoline engine which drives both the main and the tail rotors.

The intrinsic versatility of the system allows a variety of applications to be satisfied with just a single platform, resulting in a more effective tool for professional users.

The IA-12 Stark can be used for surveillance and reconnaissance by law enforcement agencies as well as search and rescue missions in urban environments: it can quietly hover in place and use a camera to observe people and objects on the ground.

Other common uses for a mini RPAS include aerial monitoring and inspection, photogrammetry and environmental control.

The fast, accurate and streamlined collection and real-time downlink of high quality aerial imagery and digital data, together with wide image processing options and the ability to reach the most inaccessible of places make the IA-12 Stark a perfectly-integrated end-to-end solution for aerial surveying, GIS and discreet surveillance.

The IA-12 Stark's configuration is based on the classic helicopter configuration which enables a fast time-to-operations (less than 10 minutes) since it does not require a prepared site for take-off and landing. The system is typified by its compact dimensions which allow it to be carried and operated by a single operator.

The system is equipped with an autopilot (list of waypoints in 3D space), an encrypted data link for communication up to 20 km and a payload, with a variety of day and night sensors, specifically designed for the mission to be carried out.

The ground station can either be a ruggedized and transportable PC with joystick controls or a vehicle-integrated solution. Radio control command is provided as safety backup equipment.

Typical Missions

The IA-12 Stark is equipped with control electronics, mission and navigation software and EO/IR sensors, enabling it to perform short/medium range tactical reconnaissance and surveillance.

In particular, the IA-12 Stark offers a cost effective solution for:


  • Wildlife, field and vegetation monitoring
  • Aerial surveys of industrial plants and facilities
  • Airport navaid flight inspections

Homeland Security:

  • Local area survey support
  • Disaster assessment (earthquake effects, landslides)
  • Law enforcement (police operations, illegal activity counteraction, surveillance of large events)
easy icon
Easy-swap payload bay
mechanism icon
Retractable landing gear
single operator icon
Only a single operator required for deployment and operations
ground planning icon
Ground mission planning and full autonomous flight with the capability
to manually intervene at any time
encrypted icon
Encrypted digital link for telemetry data and control
onboard icon
Onboard/ground recording of data

IA-12 Stark technical drawing

Platform Maximum Take-off Weight 12.0 kg
  Empty Weight 8.5 kg
  Payload Weight (max) 3.5 kg
  Flight Time (max) 120 min
  Climb Rate +/- 8 m/s in AP mode
  Maximum Horizontal Speed 100 km/h
Dimensions Fuselage Length 1500 mm
  Main Rotor Diameter 1600 mm
  Height 740 mm
Weather Temperature -10°C / +45°C
  Wind Tolerance 14 kt steady, 20 kt gusts
  Humidity up to 95%
Operability Flight Radius Up to 20 km LoS
  Ceiling Altitude 2500 m
  Maximum T/O Altitude 2000 m

These technical specifications may be subject to change without prior notice