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SD-150 Hero UAV

The SD-150 Hero is a state-of-the-art vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) unmanned air system from Sistemi Dinamici S.p.A., a joint venture between IDS and AgustaWestland, based on their extensive experience in the aeronautical and sensors fields.

The SD-150 Hero system is composed of:SD-150 Hero system overview

  • Unmanned aerial vehicle with several payload configuration options
  • Ground control station including a command & control station and a payload control station
  • UAV training simulator


The SD-150 Hero UAV is able to fly a completely autonomous preprogrammed mission from take-off to landing and incorporates multiple safety features which help to ensure a successful mission.

It’s ground control station is an advanced human machine interface composed of a full-HD video capable modular station with two independent operator seats (pilot and payload). It ensures interoperability (STANAG-4586) and provides multi-UAV control.

The UAV training simulator is designed to provide a full training syllabus from pilot/operator system familiarization to complete tactical training.


The SD-150 Hero is the perfect solution for civil and homeland security applications. Whatever the mission, The SD-150 Hero offers a cost effective solution:

  • Pipeline and power line inspection
  • Mining applications (prism positioning and early warning)
  • Pollution control
  • Wildlife, field and vegetation monitoring
  • GIS (mapping and surveys)
  • Flight inspection
Homeland SecurityHomeland Security
  • Border control
  • Disaster assessment
  • Law enforcement
  • Fire prevention



The SD-150 Hero UAV offers two modular payload bays (underbelly and nose) which can integrate different payloads in order to fulfill various different missions:

  • Gyro stabilized EO HD – IR gimbals
  • Synthetic aperture radar (SAR)
  • Photogrammetry system
  • Communication relay
  • AIS Transponder
  • ADS-B Transponder

SD-150 Hero technical drawings

Endurance 5 hours with 15 kg payload
Operational ceiling 4000 m / 13100 ft
Maximum takeoff altitude 3000 m / 9850 ft
Max cruising speed 184 kph / 100 kts
Max endurance speed 90 kph / 50 kts
Main rotor diameter 3500 mm / 138 in
Length 3300 mm / 130 in
Height 1180 mm / 46½ in
Width 1030 mm / 40½ in
Maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) 150 kg / 330 lb
Empty Weight 100 kg / 220 lb
Payload 50 kg / 110 lb
System Features
Engine 50 hp, 2-stroke engine
Fuel Gasoline or heavy fuel (JP5/8, JetA/A1 CWI version)
Navigation Triple-redundant flight control system
Triple-redundant INS
Triple-redundant GPS
Take-off / landing Vertical take-off / landing
Ground control station STANAG-4586 compliant
Multi UAV command & control
Payload data link Up to two full HD digital videos
C&C data link STANAG-4586 compliant
Full dual redundant
Data link range 100 km LOS