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Stream X: Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)


Stream X


Cost reductions in underground investigation procedures while also providing more information on what is buried underground;

Increased performance: Able to detect the presence and shape of anomalies present in the soil;

Fast and accurate survey even in rough terrain;

High productivity: up to 1 hectare/hour and a dedicated post processing platform;

Highest data resolution with an antenna spacing as low as 4 cm;



Stream X is the IDS vehicle-towed Ground Penetrating Radar solution, introducing a new concept for extensive 3D mapping of buried structures and geologic features. The Stream X array covers a 2m wide swath with a single pass, and, to achieve complete coverage of the survey area, multiple passes can be controlled through sophisticated positioning systems and a dedicated navigation software. Once the desired area is covered the survey can be easily checked and then post process with a dedicated IDS software platform.

Stream X is the ideal solution for mapping of extensive archaeological sites, detection of underground structures, cavity identification and mapping, underground tank detection, area clearance prior to construction and unexploded ordnance (Uxo) detection.

All the Stream X configuration are FCC certified and able to operate in the United States.

 Stream X
  • Massive array of antennas: Stream X can be equipped with three different array configurations from 16 to 48 channels. Antenna spacing can be as little as 4 cm; three times better than other competitors.
  • Different frequencies (200 MHz or 600MHz): Stream X can be equipped with a 16 channel 200 MHz array in order to achieve the best penetration or with a 24 – 48 channel 600 MHz array to maximize resolution.
  • Mechanical frame: A solid mechanical frame which has been tested in several rough terrain conditions and harsh environments.
  • 3D tomography: The most defined underground 3D model currently available.

Stream X is supplied with OneVsion and the GRED HD3 software suites.


OneVision is a new software application for advanced GPR data collection, which provides real-time target viewing, onsite object mapping and GPS navigation. It is a powerful tool for use with an array of antennas when performing utility mapping, archeological and environmental surveys and extensive mapping of medium to large size projects.

OneVision is available for:

  • Stream EM
  • Stream X
  • RIS MF Hi-Mod

OneVision is a powerful application for advanced surveys with integrated navigation, providing:

  • Real-time tomography on a cartographic background (e.g. Google Maps, GeoTIFF and KML);
  • Multi-view screen with GPR radar maps (B-scan and T-scan), radar tomography (C scan) and cartography;
  • Survey planning tools;
  • Special function for the RIS MF Hi-Mod array that allows tomographic merging of transversal and longitudinal swathes;
  • Continuous monitoring of GPR and GPS statuses;
  • Survey management with interactive and on-site target mapping as well as review and editing.

OneVision provides increased productivity and reduced costs:

  • Real-time on-site detection allows immediate decision making;
  • OneVision aids target recognition removing the need for specialist skills;
  • Provision of the tomographic map in real time ensures immediate understanding of complex environments e.g. urban areas;
  • OneVision’s integrated acquisition and navigation functions ensure that complete coverage is always provided in a single visit.



GRED HD 3D CAD is specifically designed to offer an integrated framework for CAD and GIS, combining the characteristics of industrial productivity with high levels of reliability. It also offers unique features such as the creation and display of 2D and 3D tomograms in just a few minutes after the basic filtering of the raw data and the direct export of structures and objects of any generic shape to CAD or GIS maps.

The software is fully compatible with any GPS or positioning data in order to obtain automatically geo-referenced data plots.

Key features include:

  • Real-time display of trajectories using GPS or Total Station.
  • 2D and 3D tomography for an immediate visualization and detection of anomalies.
  • Automated transfer to CAD/GIS: the identified target can be automatically transferred to CAD or GIS maps for professional SUE / utility mapping.
  • Geolocated data information and visualization

Stream X can be optionally equipped with the GPR-Slice software platform (









Radar Control Unit 1 2 4
Antenna Frequency 200 MHz 600 MHz 600 MHz
Number of Antenna Dipoles 8+8 12+12 24+24
Scan Width 180 cm 180 cm 180 cm
Polarization VV VV VV
Data Spacing in Transversal Direction 12 cm 8 cm 4 cm
Antenna Weight 36 kg 18 kg 36 kg
Antenna Cart Dimensions Length: 240 cm, Width: 92 cm
Cart Weight 22 kg
Typical Data Collection Speed 15 km/h
Processing Software GRED HD3 including:
  • Automatic and manual data processing
  • Propagation velocity estimation (hyperbola fitting)
  • 2D/3D representation
  • Data fusion for different frequencies
  • Interactive 2D data inspector
  • GPS location
  • Irregular volume representation
  • B-scan and C-scan view
  • Insert target function
Output Data Automatic data transfer into CAD maps