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GPR ProductsInterferometric Products
RIS One & RIS Plus GPR for civil engineeringRIS One & RIS Plus IBIS-FS interferometric radar for civil engineeringIBIS-FS
RIS Hi-BrigHT GPR for civil engineeringRIS Hi-BrigHT IBIS-FS Plus interferometric radar for civil engineeringIBIS-FS Plus
Aladdin GPR for civil engineeringAladdin IBIS-FL interferometric radar for civil engineeringIBIS-FL

Civil Engineering

IDS for Civil Engineering: In today's highly competitive world, infrastructures such as buildings, bridges and roads, are drivers of productivity and support economic growth. IDS products and services for the Civil Engineering industry span from Ground Penetrating Radar solutions for non-destructive surveys of buildings providing information on concrete thickness and inner-rebar structure, presence of wall cavities, presence of water and detection of structural defects to Interferometric Radar solutions for monitoring structural movements and vibrations. Read more...