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Our solutions

IDS provides a wide range of innovative, secure and cost-effective products and solutions across several application areas, spanning the Georadar, Air Navigation, Aeronautical and Naval industries.

The products and consultancy services that IDS provides are shown in the table below. Click on the icons to navigate to the relevant page.

 navalaeronauticalair navigationgeoradarspace labmeasurement lab
Material measurement and characterization           measurement lab
On board certified software development   aeronautical        
Radar Systems and Sensors            
Airport, road and rail network inspection & maintenance     air navigation georadar    
Underground mapping & detection       georadar    
Remote monitoring of movements in structures (towers, buildings, historical monuments, bridges, soil and rock)       georadar    
Law enforcement, forensics and security       georadar    
EM Design Optimization            
Antenna design and analyses naval aeronautical     space measurement lab
EMC/EMI design & monitoring naval aeronautical air navigation   space  
EMC/EMI measurement systems naval aeronautical       measurement lab
EMC/EMI prediction software naval aeronautical air navigation   space  
Infrared (IR) measurement systems naval         measurement lab
Infrared (IR) prediction software naval aeronautical        
Radar cross section (RCS) measurement systems naval aeronautical       measurement lab
Radar cross section (RCS) prediction software naval aeronautical        
Integrated Systems for Air Navigation            
Flight procedure design and airspace management     air navigation      
Global navigation satellite monitoring systems     air navigation     measurement lab
Ground validation and air traffic capacity assessment simulation tools     air navigation      
Management & exchange of aeronautical and terrain published and staging data     air navigation      
Message handling systems     air navigation      
Production of aeronautical & terrain charts and publications     air navigation