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Fast and Accurate Modeling of Quasi-Period Layered Structures

M.Sabbadini, M.Bercigli, M.Bandinelli, A.Freni, P.De Vita

Abstract: Quasi-periodic structures are common in antenna design. Many structures composed by conductive islands on or in layered dielectric share this characteristic, for instance medium and large arrays arranged on semi-regular grids, artificial lenses, reflect-arrays, small polarisation grids and frequency selective surfaces as well as artificial magnetic conductors. Within the EAML development an effort has been made to improve the performance of available full-wave algorithms to cope with the typically very large size of these objects, without compromising on accuracy while keeping computational cost as low as possible. Attention has been focused on both the cost of computing currents on the metallic parts by means of the Method of Moment and on the cost of computing the field radiated by the currents

Published on 30th ESA ANTENNA WORKSHOP, Noordwijk, The Netherland, 27-30 May, 2008

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