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About the GeoRadar Division

The IDS GeoRadar Division is headquartered in Pisa, Italy, since being founded in 1980. The division provides products and solutions for geophysical, civil engineering and security applications. Through a continuous committment to research & development, the IDS GeoRadar Division provides its customers with innovative products which expoit state-of-the-art technologies and novel solutions. Thanks to this commitment, over the years IDS has also pioneered radar technologies for civil applications as breakthrough products in this domain.

IDS - A World Leader in Multi-frequency, Multi-channel Ground Penetrating systems

IDS has long been a major player in research into GPR. This dates back to 1991 and collaboration with Telecom Italia, the Italian telecommunications organisation, who required data into how to improve the mapping of subsoil utilities. In order to address this, IDS launched the multi-frequency, multi-channel array systems which enable the construction of detailed 3D images of large underground areas, dramatically improving utilities detection. Building on this success IDS has became the largest global provider of GPR products. More on IDS GPR Products.

A pioneer of Interferometric technology applied to Civil Engineering and Earth Environment

2007 saw the launch of the IBIS products, the first commercial Ground-Based interferometric radar with linear scan capabilities. This ground-breaking product range was unique to the field as it was the first use of interferometric technology for dynamic and static monitoring of structures and earth environments. The interferometric radar products provide a unique solution to the problem of monitoring small movements in ground or structures, allowing remote, long range, continuous real-time measurement of large areas. More on the IBIS products.

IDS over the world

IDS is committed to the delivery of best-in-class performance solutions and the pursuit of product excellence, through the creation of application-specific, innovative and cost efficient products. Working with individuals and organizations that share a passion for subsurface surveying. IDS has become the world’s premier ground penetration radar solution provider and the IDS GeoRadar brand synonymous with investigation of any kind of subsurface.
"We serve our clients with technical expertise, unsurpassed customer support and training facilities, and superior products. Our solutions enable professionals to create, analyze and transform vast amounts of complex data into understandable visual representations of subsurfaces. They are empowered to make faster and safer decisions, which reduce project costs while protecting public safety around the world each and every day."