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IDS presented its innovative Counter-UAV at Prometeo

The introduction of drones has been one of the most significant technological advances in recent years and represents a paradigm shift in military and homeland security capability.

The drone as a threat has evolved rapidly and Italy, Europe and other Nations are beginning to see the use of hostile improvised UAS threats in several roles in current overseas theatres of operation.

There is a similar problem at home with the malicious use of drones becoming a security challenge at events, near critical infrastructure and public establishments; not least with the prolific use at prisons and recent events at major airports.

Small commercially available UAS have already been used as weapons in overseas theatres and have allowed hostile forces to deploy a cheap, pervasive, low observable surveillance capability across the battlefield. This asymmetric change bypasses traditional air defense and ground security measures.

Currently, several countries are well aware of the technical merits of UAS and its effects on defense policy.

To provide protection against simultaneous and heterogeneous Low, Slow and Small (LSS) threats, undetectable by conventional air surveillance technology, IDS Ingegneria Dei Sistemi S.p.A. has developed an innovative, flexible, scalable and configurable Counter-UAV system.

IDS, a Fincantieri company, presented its latest innovative solution for Defense & Homeland Security on 21st October at Prometeo 2021, an exercise organized by C-M/M UAS Centre of Excellence COMACA, the Anti-aircrafts Artillery Command of the Italian Army.

IDS C-UAV can help to provide protection & security in a number of both Defense and military environments. It can also be used to detect and locate the unauthorized or unsafe use of UAVs in controlled airspace or potentially dangerous situations and can provide defense against the hostile use of drones. IDS C-UAVs can be installed in a fixed location, to provide permanent or semi-permanent protection, and in addition, can be mounted on a trailer for rapid set up mobile use.