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Railway Safety: 10 new Sirio-LX Activated

IDS Ingegneria Dei Sistemi, a Fincantieri Nextech company and partner of the STARS consortium with INTECS SpA, contributed to the activation of 10 PAI-PL (Level Crossing Obstacle Detection Systems) on the Italian Molteno Lecco line, consisting of 6 LXs in Oggiono, 2 LXs in Molteno and 2 LXs in Valmadrera.

The Level Crossings are equipped with the STARS Sirio-Lx system. The activity is part of a contract with RFI to improve the safety of railway infrastructures.

With these 10 latest activations, 67 of the 100 level crossing assigned by RFI in this contract are now operating live on railway lines across Italy:

  • 62 in Northern Italy
  • 4 in the Rome area
  • 1 in Lucca, Tuscany

Sirio-LX is a radar-based automatic system, designed to prevent trains from colliding with obstacles on the track at level crossings.

It uses a short range high resolution radar to detect objects that enter the area before or while the gates are closing and provides a warning to approaching trains via the existing signaling system.

Operational in all weather conditions, including fog, rain and snow; Sirio-LX provides good vehicle detection (both stationary or moving).

Sirio-LX has a very high mean time to failure (MTBF) and has been designed to ensure the highest level of safety standard (SIL4, CENELEC 50129).

STARS Railway Systems is a consortium formed by IDS and INTECS that was founded to develop and manufacture radar based safety systems for railways. Currently, the product line includes Sirio-LX , the automatic system to avoid collision with obstacles in the level crossing area, and Sirio-OD for the automatic detection of objects which have fallen on to railway tracks in high-risk zones such as near overpasses, tunnels and areas prone to landslides.