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IA-17 Manta UAV

The IA-17 Manta is a small fixed wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) whose flying wing configuration has been designed in order to provide the best performance when employed for patrol, surveillance, aerial observation and reconnaissance missions.

Propulsion is provided by a 2-stroke gasoline engine and the lift and control surfaces are optimized to achieve maximum endurance and a high cruising speed. A parachute allows vertical landing on the ground or water (the platform can float).

The modular construction of the platform offers the capability to easily install different sensor payloads allowing it to be employed in the optimum configuration according to expected scenario conditions.


  • Inspection of electrical distribution networks, power lines and power stations
  • Visual assessment of infrastructure
  • Mining-concerns and general environmental monitoring
  • Non-invasive diagnostics
  • Inspections of hazardous areas
  • Photogrammetry and aerial mapping
  • Scientific investigations
modular icon
Modular, lightweight and robust composite body (aramidic and glass fibre)
versatile icon
Versatile mission-driven system composition
easy icon
Easy-swap payload bay
mechanism icon
Retractable payload system
ground planning icon
Ground mission planning and full autonomous flight with the capability
to manually intervene at any time
encrypted icon
Encrypted digital link for telemetry data and control

IA-17 Manta technical drawings

Overall Length 1270 mm
Wingspan 2800 mm
Height 215 mm
Maximum Take-off Weight 17.0 kg
Empty Weight 9.5 kg
Payload 7.5 kg
Maximum Speed 200 kph
Endurance 8 hrs
Propulsion Gasoline Engine
Operational Ceiling 6,000 m
Mission Radius (D/L) 20 km LOS

These technical specifications may be subject to change without prior notice