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15th – 20th march 2020, Copenhagen: IDS and Siemens Digital Industries Software will be exhibiting at 14th EuCAP

IDS -Siemens Digital Industries Software at EuCAP 2020, 15 - 20 March in Denmark - Cabassi

IDS and Siemens Digital Industries Software will be attending the European Conference on Antennas and Propagation – EuCAP 2019 in Denmark, Copenhagen – Bella Center, from 15 to 20 March.

At the XIV EuCAP we will showcase the Simcenter 3D High Frequency EM. The Simcenter 3D High Frequency EM leverages the technology developed by IDS together with Siemens Digital Industries Software and provides the market with a unique solution to the increasing number of complex applications using Electromagnetics and Radio Frequency – RF physics as a cornerstone:

  • Autonomous driving vehicles (ADAS based);
  • Transportation electrification;
  • Communication systems (5G, WiFi and Bluetooth);
  • Industrial Internet of Things – IoT and Industry 4.0 fast growing technologies.

At EuCAP 2020, IDS will show its “3 Pillars” electromagnetic technology approach available today through Siemens Digital Industries Software:

  • Consulting/Engineering competence;
  • Physical Testing and Measuring systems;
  • Electromagnetic modelling through Simcenter™ 3D CAE tools (expanding the IDS suite of CAE products named Galileo).

IDS and  Siemens Digital Industries Software offer a unique approach to EM Engineering which integrates into an optimized process the synergies between virtual testing, via EM modeling and simulation, and physical testing/verification, through electromagnetic measurement.

Discover more at our Booth #47 and for more information on the event please visit the EuCap website.