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IDS Around the World


IDS was founded and is headquartered in Pisa, Italy. Since its birth in 1980, IDS has grown into a multi-national company with regional offices strategically placed around the globe. Expert regional staff provide non-stop services and support to the international customer base in Italy, United Kingdom, Canada, Brazil, Australia and USA.

The global reach and influence of IDS worldwide is furthered by a network of agencies and distributors located in over 40 countries.

Working in today's global economy has led to IDS building strong relationships and trust in each country where it has a presence, providing skills, technology and employment at local level, offering benefits for all the stakeholders.

IDS UK IDS Corporation IDS Australasia IDS Brazil IDS North America IDS Korea

The offices:

  • Headquarters in Pisa
  • Branch office in Rome
  • Subsidiary in Brisbane (IDS Australasia) with an office in Perth
  • Subsidiary near Portsmouth (IDS UK)
  • Subsidiary in São Paulo (IDS Brazil) with an office in Belo Horizonte
  • Subsidiary in Ottawa (IDS North America) with an office in Montreal
  • Subsidiary in Denver (IDSNA)
  • Subsidiary in Daejeon (IDS Korea)