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IDS Group Companies


logo australasia

IDS Australasia

Headquartered in Brisbane, Australia, IDS Australasia Pty. Ltd. is one of the four global subsidiaries of IDS, Ingegneria dei Sistemi. IDS Australasia develops products and solutions for a wide range of applications in the Unmanned, Radars, Aeronautical, Air Navigation and Naval sectors. Read more...

logo brazil

IDS Brazil

Building on the experience and expertise of around 500 worldwide employees, IDS Brazil offers competences, advanced services and constant and continuous assistance to its customers in the Unmanned, Radars, Aeronautical, Air Navigation and Naval sectors. Read more...

logo northamerica

IDS North America

IDS North America, based in Montreal, Canada, distributes IDS customized solutions and products for the Air navigation, Unmanned, Radars, Aeronautical and Naval sectors and provides qualified and continuous assistance and support in the area with the help of its team of professionals, technicians and specialists. Read more...

logo uk

IDS United Kingdom

IDS UK is the undisputed leader for the provision of specialist electromagnetic (EM) modeling software and consultancy services to the UK Ministry of Defense and customers in the Defense Industry. IDS UK is also involved in international research activities for military through-wall radar. Read more...

logo korea

IDS Korea

IDS Korea Ltd. (IDS KR) is one of the five global subsidiaries of IDS, Ingegneria Dei Sistemi S.p.A., the leading high-tech solution provider in defense and civil niche market sectors. IDS-KR’s mission is the development of the Italian parent company’s business in the Korean market, uniting Italian style and its scientists’ geniality with the technology of one of the most advanced countries in the world. Read more...

logo Pelta Protection Systems

Pelta Protection Systems

Pelta Protections Systems is a joint venture between Ingegneria Dei Sistemi S.p.A. (IDS), which has over 30 years’ experience of producing electromagnetic engineering solutions and services for both civil and defense applications, and Acell Industries Ltd. which has produced fire resistant foams and composite panels for building applications for over 25 years. Visit Website

logo ROB.INT


ROB.INT S.r.l. was formed following the purchase of part of Celin Avio and is tasked with developing ground and underwater unmanned systems, from the initial prototypes through to full solutions. It also provides support to the Aeronautical and Unmanned Systems Division, offering its technical expertise as well as hardware and software.

logo Skytech research

Skytech Research

Skytech Research Ltd. Is a t the forefront of satellite communications technology, providing a range of fixed and mobile multiband satellite communications terminals using the highest technological standards and innovative transmission methods to provide services such as high speed, high bandwidth internet connections ideal for video communications as well as high speed, high security data links.Visit Website

logo Flytop


FlyTop S.p.A. provides a family of micro and mini unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) with both fixed and rotary wings. The various models are specifically designed for hi-end photogrammetric, mapping and surveillance applications. These UAVs supplement the IDS range of unmanned systems and enable the IDS group to offer a fuller range of options to the market. In collaboration with ENAC authorized partners FlyTop also offers theoretical and practical training courses to UAV pilots.Visit Website

logo STARS Railway Systems

STARS Railway Systems

STARS Railway Systems is a consortium that has been formed by IDS and Intecs that was founded to develop and manufacture radar based safety systems for railways. Currently this includes Sirio-LX which is an automatic system to prevent trains from colliding with obstacles on the track at level crossings and Sirio-OD for the automatic detection of objects which have fallen on to railway tracks in high-risk zones such as near overpasses, tunnels and areas prone to landslides.Visit Website

logo TRS Tecnologie nelle Reti e nei Sistemi


TRS (Tecnologie nelle Reti e nei Sistemi T.R.S. S.p.A.) is a systems and software house specializing in space applications, for which it is qualified to develop software for various international space programs, railway software systems for train management, command and control systems for various applications including homeland security, naval C&C and airport vehicle fleet management. It also develops monitoring systems and sensor networks which can be used for such applications as the Internet of Things and Smart Cities.Visit Website