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1st Short Workshop on 3D GPR Imaging

September 25th-26th, 2013, IDS North America, Montreal, Canada

A new advanced course on the GPR-SLICE v7.0 Ground Penetrating Radar Imaging Software will be sponsored by IDS North America. The two day course (25th-26th September) is a data processing workshop that goes from basic to advanced operations in GPR-SLICE. There are 15 places available on the course and both advanced users and beginners are welcome to participate.

The cost of the course is 400 US dollars.

GPR Slice v7

The course will be taught by Dr. Alex Novo, GPR-SLICE specialist and distributor who is now working as an application engineer for IDS North America. The course will concentrate on the following topics:

  • Signal processing
  • Image processing
  • Open GL operations
  • GPS imaging for all the major manufacturers
  • Total station navigation
  • 0ns offset radargram editing
  • Automatic topographic corrections (regular surveys and GPS)
  • Horizon imaging and layer detection (road layer imaging)
  • Concrete imaging, XY decoupled gridding
  • Vector imaging (tunnel imaging)
  • Auto-hyperbola detection and amplitude mapping (bridgedeck imaging)
  • BlueBox Batch Processing, one button operation from raw data to processed 3D volumes
  • Introduction to GPR via real time simulation software
  • Mosaic noise correction
  • Some other advanced analyses

For further details on the course as well as some logistics information, please click on the image below to access the PDF:

1st Short Workshop on 3D GPR Imaging