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Stream X Ground Penetrating Radar in the Valle dei Templi, Sicily

Stream X has been chosen to survey large areas in the Valle dei Templi (Valley of the Temples), an archaeological site in Agrigento, Sicily. It is one of the most outstanding examples of Greek architecture and art and was included in the UNESCO Heritage site list in 1997.

Stream X Ground Penetrating Radar in the Valle dei TempliStream X Ground Penetrating Radar in the Valle dei Templi


The scope of the Ground Penetrating Radar survey was the investigation of possible buried archaeological artifacts and remains close to the city of Agrigento. Many remains were discovered in the past such as temples, gates, houses etc. but on this occasion the intention was to gain a clearer idea of what the entire subsurface area looked like as well as to search for new buried cultural treasures. The surveying of the area will begin in 2013 with the Stream X ground penetrating radar from IDS. This solution can be towed by a vehicle and is able to collect 3D subsurface images in a really efficient and detailed way. The ground penetrating radar uses 16 antennas @ 200MHz and will be integrated with GPS positioning.

We all hope that they can find something relevant which may increase the beauty of the already breathtaking Island of Sicily.