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IDS RIS Hi-Bright Ground Penetrating Radar for bridge condition assessment in Washington DC

Following the presentation at TRB 2013 of a system for bridge deck assessment which had been integrated with a robot by Rutgers University, a number of Departments of Transport were interested in trying it. The first bridge to be officially monitored by the robot was the Arlington Memorial Bridge in Washington DC.

The decision whether or not to shut the bridge down for maintenance is a critical one and the robot has the difficult task of identifying any damage to the bridge early, highlighting zones which require quick repairs in order to avoid major problems in the future and hence limiting the impact on Washington’s traffic.

IDS is one of the leading manufacturers of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and was chosen by Rutgers University to equip the robot with the most advanced Multi-Channel GPR for Bridge Deck Assessment.

In the pictures below you can see the robot carrying two Hi-Bright systems for a total of 32 antennas in both VV and HH polarizations.

Bridge Deck Assessment RobotFigure 1: Bridge deck assessment robot on Arlington Memorial Bridge in Washington DC

Robot Hi-Bright TestFigure 2: Testing the robot with IDS RIS Hi-Bright