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IBIS-FS Radar Used to Perform Dynamic Surveys of Structural Support Chains

A first campaign to monitor the chains supporting the drum and dome of the Temple of Santa Maria della Consolazione has recently finished in Todi, Italy. The 16th to 17th century structure was monitored remotely using an IBIS-FS interferometric radar by BQT S.n.c. in collaboration with the Laboratory of Structural Dynamics of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Perugia. The campaign was specifically aimed at the dynamic characterization of the chains present on the arches supporting the drum and dome above. Measurements were obtained using only the environmental vibrations with no need to induce forced oscillations, avoiding the need for complex operations to access the 16m high chains.

For more information on this use of IBIS-FS, please read the full article (in Italian) here.

IBIS FS at the temple of Santa Maria della Consolazione