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ADF Training in Singapore

On the 15th March 2014, IDS’s local partners in Singapore, FTD Solutions held an ADF introduction training course at the Nanyang Technological University School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. The course was attended by around 13 students, most of whom were studying for PhDs and Master’s degrees in the Communication Engineering division of the university.

As well as an introduction to IDS and FTD Solutions, the course provided:

  • An introduction to the ADF tool.
  • Some theory on antenna design.
  • Hands-on use of ADF taking a basic patch antenna design as an example (so that the students could learn the software quickly and understand the design flow).
  • Some antenna array basics. How to design them and what specifications should be followed.
  • A continuation of the patch antenna design expanding the design to the creation of a 4x1array.
  • A session on how to scan the radiation pattern over an angular range by changing the excitation phase.

Finally the course provided a hands-on session on how to design an “antenna on a platform”.

ADF training session at NTU, Singapore

Overall, the students learnt antenna design flow and the use of ADF in a clear manner and will now be able to design antennas themselves using ADF. The course was enthusiastically welcomed by the students who expressed an interest in attending similar workshops in the future.

We hope that we will indeed run similar training sessions in the future, as well as in other universities and that we will cover more antenna topics.